Kodak Folding Camera Bellows Part Numbers

Updated 05/16/21

This page contains a list of part numbers for many Kodak replacement camera bellows.  This is not a complete list, but it appears to contain more camera models than other lists I have been able to find on the internet.  For that reason, I have published the list here in hopes of helping those who have an interest or need for such information.  Please note that this is the typed list that I came across.  I cannot validate its complete accuracy.  The list is presented both as exact images of the actual 2 page list, and as a clean re-type of the list.  The re-typed list also includes what I believe is the complete model name for each camera mentioned.  The original list has only short-hand abbreviations for the camera model associated with each bellows.  If you find that I am incorrect on any of this information, please contact me through the website so corrections can be made.

My camera repairman is 78 years old and has been repairing cameras for over 60 years.  Though retired, he still repairs and provides full CLA on cameras for me and others.  In fact his mind, eye site, and steady hands are better than mine.  I fear for the day I know is approaching when he will no longer be available.  Not only for his repair skills, but also his encyclopedic knowledge of all things camera!

In 1955 he purchased a couple of boxes of replacement bellows for Kodak cameras.  This list came from one box that has remained unused all these years.  I was lucky enough to acquire that box of bellows, still containing this list of Kodak bellows part numbers.

Below are the images for the 2 page typed list of part numbers.  The transcribed list containing this information along with those full model names I believe associated with each, can be found ---> here <---.  (Please contact me with corrections or additions to that transcribed list!)

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