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Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Revolver

Internal Function (Continued)

--.38 S&W Caliber--

Updated 04/11/21

If you have not been to page 1 of this information, please click here.  This is the second half of the information on the interaction and functioning of the Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Revolver.

Here the internal firing mechanism is in its normal hammer down, carry position.
Image #6

Internal firing mechanism in the full cocked position.
Image #7

Now with the hammer removed for clarity.  Showing trigger & hammer cam meshing together:
Image #8

The cylinder stop is actually a spring and cams off of the trigger postion:
Image #9

Additional Helpful Details:
Both hammer and trigger install from the bottom of the frame. It takes some fiddling, and a few tries to get the hammer/trigger engagement correct during assembly. I find that it works best for me if I install the hammer first. The location of the hammer cam teeth that engage with the trigger can then be controlled by pushing or pulling up or down on the hammer spur from the top of the frame while installing the trigger from below.

Trigger and hammer are manipulated during the trigger install to get the trigger past the front of the hammer while ensuring that the meshing teeth are in the proper order. Trigger is almost in the fully pulled position to ride up over the front of the hammer.

The slave pins are great for this purpose. Holding the hammer, then the trigger in place during install. Then, when you finely feel confident that you have the mechanism correct, replace the slave pins with the correct screw for the hammer and pin for the trigger. Do NOT try to install the main spring until you have both hammer and trigger correctly installed. Test.

You need to sense when you are going too far, or making a mistake when working on firearms. It is a matter of having some mechanical understanding and taking your time. Do not force things. If you are getting impatient, come back later. If you just cannot seem to handle the process, that is why they invented gunsmiths…………

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